Monday, January 5, 2009

Placing both the feet on the ground by the side of the buttocks and keeping the body steady is Gornukhasana, resembling the mouth of a cow.
Technique :-
Sit erect stretching both legs together in front, hands by the side, palm resting the ground, fingers of the hands together.
Fold right leg at the knee and place it on the ground by the side of the left buttoock.
Similarly bringing the left leg from above the right leg, place it on the ground by the side of the right buttock. The two soles will remain out towards left and right side.
Place the palms on the knee one above the other and sit erect.
Or place the right palm above the left sole and left palm above the right sole, so that it will resemble the shape of a cow's ear. Gaze in front.
After some time return to the original position. Afterwards practise it by changing the position of the legs i.e. by placing the right knee above the left knee.
Remember :-
To start with, first place the right leg by the side of the buttock then left above the right.
Hips remain straight.
One knee should remain just above the other knee.
Benefit and Limitations :-
The practice of this Asana removes pain in hip and lower extremeties.
This helps in making the spine straight.
This, Asana is very useful in arthritis and piles (dry).
This gives exercise to the lungs automatically.
Those suffering from bleeding piles should not practise it.